Create A Clean Work
Environment With

“Clean” is a Temporary State.

Most offices have a cleaning crew that comes in after business hours and performs routine cleaning and disinfecting chores. But as soon as they leave, virus and germ-laden airborne particles immediately resettle on the cleaned surfaces.

The HyGenikx air and surface purification system is an effective and always-working addition to your office cleaning and disinfection program.

HyGenikx is a wall-mounted unit that is ideal for offices and commercial spaces with low ventilation and air movement. It is completely plug and play, and since it has no fan, operates quietly. It can sanitize and purify office air and surfaces in conference rooms, restrooms, offices, common areas, kitchens, and hallways, keeping your employees and visitors safe from potentially harmful airborne and surface-borne microorganisms, germs and bacteria.

Using HyGenikx sanitizer in the office will:

  • Reduce exposure to infectious viruses and bacteria for staff and customers
  • Reduce the need for fragrances and air fresheners
  • Decrease staff sick days and absenteeism
  • Create positive first impressions by removing all odors